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Pool Resolution Consulting has expertise in all phases of swimming pool construction including: site planning, design, excavation, steel reinforcing, plumbing, equipment installation, decking installation, steps, handrails, lights, pool plaster, pool pumps, pool filters, pool chlorinating equipment, pool service and maintenance.

David G Morrill was involved in the construction of more than 50,000 swimming pools. In 2007 he retired as the President of one of Californiaís largest pool builders to form Pool Resolution Consulting, an expert witness consultancy, specializing in swimming pool construction defect analysis.

Do you have a sense that something went wrong in the construction process of your swimming pool and you donít know where to turn to get honest and straightforward answers?

Pool Resolution Consulting (PRC) is the place to get answers about your defective swimming pool concerns.
PRC specializes in pool forensics and pool construction defect expert analysis.

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Pool Resolution Consulting

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